Okuribito wins

Jasper Sharp jasper_sharp at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 23 07:48:09 EST 2009

Its interesting, because Takita's recent films seem to have been quite widely distributed. When the Last Sword is Drawn for example got a UK release. I personally have always found his more recent works quite anonymous, so I can't see him being the subject of much "auteurship" emphasis. His pink films however were very different from the norm at the time, some of the most entertaining of the 80s.I'm personally more interested in seeing Kato Kunio's film.


> Given Mike's mail, one question we can ask is whether this award will  
> turn Takita into an "auteur" with all the accouterments: retro  
> screenings, DVD series, articles and books, etc. Given most of his  
> recent films, one might say no, but we shall see.

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