Hyakuman-en to nigamushi onna (2008)

Michael Kerpan mekerpan at verizon.net
Mon Feb 9 06:19:02 EST 2009

Thanks Takuo

Very interesting.  But I'd say that Aoi's character more often has a worried frown more often that a scowl.  (Her bitterness is transformed into a somewhat irrational energy).

I saw another recent film -- Nekonade (lots of fun) -- which I am tentatively caling Petting the /cat (for lack of any official translation that I can find).


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> Dear Michael,
> The word "Nigamushi" comes from an expression
> "Nigamushi o kamitsubushita youna," meaning
> "a scowl like he or she has bitten a bitter worm".
>  "Nigamushi" = "bitter worm" itself is
> an imaginary worm.  

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