Annual anime production?

Geir Friestad geir at
Thu Feb 5 17:00:14 EST 2009

I'm currently doing a fact check on an upcoming book on anime, and
one of the claims in it strikes me as rather exaggerated. Basically,
it suggests that half of Japan's annual movie production was animation
by 1999.

I've searched around to find any sources to back up this claim, but
except for a New York Times article from 2002 that ups the ante to
60 percent, I've been unable to find anything. only lists
a total annual number of productions, and doesn't provide separate
statistics for live action and anime.

Anyway, I suspect the number in the book draft has been inflated by
counting all kinds of animation (theatrical, OAV and TV) as one, but
I'd love to see some actual statistics I could rely on. I would be
very grateful if anyone here could point me in the right direction.


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