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Fri Nov 27 04:22:34 EST 2009

Dear Kinejapaners,

I have been trying these days to find some paper/article/text written by
Kurosawa Akira, that could stand as a statement as cinema director, etc.
Something more on the autobiographical side would be welcome as well, aside
from his famous "something like an autobiography"... or maybe something that
would start where the last one ends...anyway, I have been searching in all
my "eigaron taikei" and other anthologies, books, etc. I took a look in the
Kurosawa internet archives, where I could find a "hôdan 放談" which looks
rather interesting, but seems to be too long for the kind of review it aims
at... Could someone point me some paper out, or tell me where I am likely to
find some ?
Many thanks

Mathieu Capel
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