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Wed Nov 4 22:26:41 EST 2009

Hi Bianca;
I've already checked Silence too but  that's not it.
but thanks anyway.
by the way, I hear Scorsese is remaking the silence.

On Nov 5, 2009, at 5:58 AM, Bianca Briciu wrote:

> Hello Moe,
> The film you are talking about is made after a novel by Endo Shusaku 
> and it is called Silence (Chinmoku in Japanese). I don't know who made 
> it but maybe you find it after the title. All Endo's novels are about 
> Christianity in Japan and very, very interesting.
> Best, Bianca
>> Hi everyone;
>> I just joined kinejapan and got a question, appreciated if one of u 
>> can help.
>> I'm searching for a title to a Japanese movie. it's a black and white 
>> movie probably made in 1960s and it's about prosecution of christians 
>> in sixteen century Japan.
>> a blacksmith is told to make a cross and to make people walk on it 
>> and  those hidden christian who wouldn't walk on cross are branded 
>> Christian and punished. this blacksmith who is not a christian has a 
>> sister who is a Christian and make him see the light so to speck and 
>> I 'm not sure but probably he refuses to make the cross or walk on it 
>> and gets killed.
>> any suggestion?
>> thanks
>>  Moe

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