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dear Markus,

Talking about Yoshida, the finale of Jôen/The affair shows a beautiful piece
of calligraphy, written by Okada's character (well, I assume it's not really
her, for we only see hands at that time) on the shôji of her summer house -
and I think it has a strong meaning regarding the plot and the rest of the
film. I mean, here calligraphy - or let's say the act of writing - seems to
be related to the death of her love affair, and the end of her dreams of
freedom... I wonder if one could not link that to Derrida and Karatani when
they talk about "Ecriture", etc. (?)


Mathieu Capel
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> <thomas.lamarre at> wrote:
> it's not actually calligraphy but talismanic writing plays a central role:
>> Onmyôji.
> Why isn't it calligraphy?
> M

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