Japanese queer/gay cinema

Valeria Soddu v_soddu at yahoo.it
Thu Apr 15 06:08:01 EDT 2010

Not to forget is also the beautiful movie "Kira kira hikaru" by Matsuoka 
Joji about homosexuality.

And of course "Gohatto" by Oshima Nagisa.

In countless japanese movies homosexuality is not the major theme but it is 
all the same very present like for instance in the horror sequels
"Eko Eko Azaraku" by Sato Shimano which deals also with lesbian love (mainly 
platonic) at school.

Valeria Soddu

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Subject: Japanese queer/gay cinema

> Dear colleagues,
> I have a graduate student who wants to write on Japanese films dealing 
> with homo- or trans-sexuality but who is not terribly successful in 
> finding films and sources. I am afraid my mind is blank and I cannot think 
> of more than a handful of films (not pink or porn) in which homosexuality 
> is a major theme and cannot recollect having read one book or article on 
> the subject.
> Film titles and reading suggestions (both English and Japanese) most 
> welcome.
> Regards,
> Dick Stegewerns
> Oslo University
> On 13.04.2010 04:51, Alex Bates wrote:
>> How was the film?  I'm looking forward to seeing it.
>> There is a great resource at the Japan Foundation for finding 
>> translations:
>> http://www.jpf.go.jp/e/culture/media/exchange/translationsearch.html
>> A search there showed translations in German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, 
>> Hungarian and Czech, as well as English.
>> Here is the citation for the English version:
>> "Villon's Wife" translated by Donald Keene, in New Directions 15, 1955. 
>> pages: 176-195
>> best,
>> Alex
>> Alex Bates
>> East Asian Studies
>> Dickinson College
>> Carlisle, PA 17013
>> On Apr 12, 2010, at 10:19 PM, Michael Kerpan wrote:
>>> Just enjoyed seeing Negishi's new adaptation of Dazai's Villon's Wife --  
>>> and wonder if there is an English translation of the source story?

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