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Sounds wonderful! Dick, does the book have an isbn number? We need that to get libraries to order it.


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On Feb 24, 2010, at 7:05 PM, Dick Stegewerns wrote:

> Dear KineJapanners,
> This is a rather belated announcement of a retrospective of film 
> director Yoshida Kiju which is currently touring the Northern part of 
> Europe. The retrospective consists of thirteen films - all of his 
> fiction films available with English subtitles - from the various 
> periods of his career. The start was at the Rotterdam Film Festival, 
> which the director visited together with Okada Mariko. I am afraid 
> tonight were the last screenings at the Netherlands Film Museum in 
> Amsterdam, but the retrospective will continue in March at the four 
> branches of the Norwegian Film Institute in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and 
> Tromso. In April part of the retrospective will screen at the Danish 
> Film Institute in Copenhagen. For details concerning the screenings in 
> Norway and Denmark, please refer to  
> (Oslo), (Bergen),  
> (Tromso), and  (Copenhagen).
> To coincide with this retrospective the book 'Yoshida Kiju - 50 Years of 
> Avant-Garde Filmmaking in Postwar Japan' has been published, which to my 
> knowledge is the first book on Yoshida in English (and maybe in all 
> other languages apart from Japanese). The book consists of an 
> introduction by myself, an interview with Yoshida by Chris Fujiwara, an 
> essay by the director himself, four essays - divided by period - by 
> Yamamoto Naoki, Saito Ayako, Yomota Inuhiko and Hasumi Shigehiko, 
> descriptions of all of his fiction films by Mathieu Capel and me, and a 
> biography. The book contains many pictures from Yoshida's films. The 
> retrospective received a warm welcome at the Rotterdam Film Festival and 
> the book completely sold out. I would not be surprised if the same 
> happens at the other venues, so in case some of you are interested in 
> obtaining a copy but cannot make it to one of the venues, please contact 
> me and I will secure you a copy. The book costs 15 Euro.
> By the way, this retrospective was also the first opportunity for 
> Yoshida to consider the English titles of some of his fiction films. 
> Some of you may be interested in the following titles decided upon by 
> the director himself: A Story Written in Water (1965), The Lake of Women 
> (1966), Pilgrim in the Snow (1968), Adieu, Summer Light (1968), 
> Purgatory Heroica (1970), and Confessions of Actresses (1971).
> Regards,
> Dick Stegewerns

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