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I'm still not sure whether Shimai is the correct reading for the film Sebastian asked about. I rather think it ought to be read Kyôdai. Why? Because Ieki's film for which he wrote the sreenplay together with Shindô Kaneto is based on the novel of the same title by Kuroyanagi Fumi which won the Mainichi Shuppan Bunka-shô in 1954. The title of the novel is unmistakably read Kyôdai and it is hard to imagine that the title of the film did not follow the title of the novel. To assure this implication would of course require a look at the materials from 1955 when the film was released (rather than a check-up with a reference book published at a time when the reading "kyôdai" has already become obsolete). As important and helpful as these reference books are, this does not mean that they are without faults. 


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Roland, with all due respect and despite other films in which part of the title is in fact read as Kyodai, for the film in question Sebastien asked about, all one need do is look it up in standard Japanese sources to find it listed under "shi," not "ki," which is what I did in my 1973 Kinema Jumpo "Nihon/Nippon Eiga Sakuhin Zenshu."  Perhaps too simplistic, in which case my apologies to all!


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