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>>From ???????


The point is, ????? can encompass all of these terms, and they refer 
to different configurations of elder brother/younger sister elder 
sister/younger brother, etc., and so on.  BUT, this is more of a 
linguistic point than something that occurs regularly in standard 
practice, and few will go to the trouble of denoting the exact ?/ 
breakdown.  Note that the primary entry for ????? is ?? (standard), 
and in addition to covering brother relationships also covers the notion 
of 'siblings.'

However, if specifically sisters are unambiguously the target here, 
?? is of course read as ???.


On Sat, 13 Feb 2010, Roger Macy wrote:

> ?Faith,
> The reading of ?? caught my attention as I've seen Ozu's ????'The Munekata Sisters' this week at the NFT.  There it
> was billed as 'Munekata shimai', following Bordwell and Richie.  But IMDb and, more significantly, Alex Jacoby goes for
> 'ky?dai ' (after consulting this list ?).  It's not hard to see the divergence when even my Spahn and Hadamitzky goes
> unambiguously for shimai (my Kenkushya has also 'ky?dai).  I take it that it's purely a question of usage?
> So, in retrospect, is it the trailer that can settle the point ?
> Sorry, if this has come up before.
> Roger
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> Sebastien,
> Ukigusa Nikki (the film's standard title) was an "indie" production by Haiyu-za and Yamamoto Pro, the office of
> director Yamamoto Satsuo.
> "Sisters" is pronounced shimai,  studio Shochiku, director Ieki Miyoji.
> FB

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