desperately seeking photo from 1935 Chinese film, "Tianlun"

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Thu Mar 18 14:35:54 EDT 2010

A while back in a post I said that I was looking for a photo from the 1935  
Chinese silent film, "Tianlun," released in the US in 1936 under the title 
"Song  of China," for use in my forthcoming book, "The Last Silent Picture 
Show: Silent  Films on American Screens in the 1930s." Unfortunately, images 
I was able to  obtain from a source were deemed by the publisher of too poor 
a quality to  reproduce in the book. So again, I would like KineJapan 
members if any  here know of a possible source for a high quality resolution 
photo from  "Tianlun/Song of China" that I could use in the book? As I have 
stated before, I  am working under a deadline and would like to get this photo 
as soon as  possible.
William M. Drew
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