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'Commandeur', it seems.  The Guardian having inflated it to the senior rank of Chevalier.  And is a polka-dotted pomegranate really the insignia of this order ?  Does his latest film explain all, including the collages ?
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  Talking about Kitano, he gave a 1-h long masterclass - moderated by Jean-Pierre Limousin - in Paris last week, hopefully it was filmed:

  Roger> Indeed, that's for real;
  I haven't found his acceptance speech though...


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    The Guardian today has an arts feature on Takeshi Kitano, related to his exhibition in Paris, that takes a fair stab at his two personas.
    Has he really just got the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres ?  This isn't a Takeshi gag ? [I've stumbled on a spate of false award claims this week, only one of which was half Japanese related].  No, it seems widely reported.  So did he give an acceptance speech à la Venise, saying that we were on the same side in the war, alongside Maréchal Pétain ?

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