Actors and Estates/contact information?

Sarah Frederick sfred at
Wed Mar 10 00:16:58 EST 2010

I am working with some photographs of Japanese studio actors and need  
to reproduce them for publication.  They are not film stills but  
posed directly, which I believe means that I need the actors'  
permission.  I apologize if this is in Aaron and Markus's book  
already, but is there some means by which to find addresses for such  
people or their family's (many are deceased)?  Generally, these are  
not particularly famous actors.  Many were Shochiku, but Shochiku has  
no information on them.  Does that mean I am unlikely to find them by  
other means?   I am familiar with these issues for copyright, but not  
sure how to go about finding actors.

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

Sarah Frederick
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Dept. Modern Languages
    and Comparative Literature
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