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Sun Mar 7 20:28:11 EST 2010

This may border on the personal, but I thought some list members might  
be interested in the fact our house in Yokohama will be available for  
rent from approximately late August 2010 to the end of May 2011. We  
were hoping some scholar coming to Japan for a few months might be  
interested in the place.

It is a two-story, three bedroom (3 LDK) individual house (ikkenya)  
located in Aoba-ku in Yokohama, near Aobadai Station on the  
Den'entoshi Line. It is a very quiet neighborhood, with farm fields  
nearby, but it also has lots of shopping venues and is convenient to  
both Tokyo and Yokohama (Aobadai is 25 minutes by train from Shibuya).  
The house is fully furnished, with some goodies like satellite TV  
(both CS and BS) and internet.

Those who are interested, or who want to learn more details, should  
mail me at aaron.gerow at I should also note that since we go  
back and forth from Japan a lot, the house will probably be available  
for rent at other times in the future.

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