The representation of the black other in Japanese film

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Don't know if there's mail-archive on KineJapan, but a similar (and interesting) discussion was held last summer, and led to some interesting titles & remarks.

Here's the original post ('representations of blacknesS, Japanese & Korean Cinema')

Robyn Citizen <rc1434 at>
> Hi all,
> My dissertation project concerns the representation of
> blackness in
> Japanese and Korean cinema - this includes black bodies
> (African-Americans
> or people of African descent as characters), black
> culture/hip-hop
> culture, and blackness as a visual or linguistic signifier
> of absolute
> difference, racial or otherwise (it is my understanding
> that in earlier
> Japanese cinema people from the South Seas were referred to
> as "blacks",
> for example).
> While I have a modest list of films which I can use, I'd be
> very grateful
> for more suggestions of post-WWII movies that touch upon
> these topics.

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Objet: The representation of the black other in Japanese film

Hi everyone, 

I am currently writing a disseration on the representation of the black other in Japanese film. I have seen World Apartment Horror (1991) so far, and was wondering if anyone can recommend any other films with roles played by black actors or actressess no matter how small the appearance might be. 


Rohan Singh 

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