KANI-KOUSEN(WAS Re: Japan's stunning "A Normal Life, Please", to be screened at HSDFF in AR.)

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A newbie here.
No offense, but the new "KANI-KOUSEN" does not exactly illustrate the original. IMHO. I mean, it's not a wise to a wise idea to flush your bucks into toilet.

The Hooker xoxo

On 10/09/30 3:09, anne mcknight wrote:
> Thanks for the info...I am actually doing "Kani k��sen" tomorrow, so was interested to see the "real Kani k��sen" tagline in the Japanese trailer for the film.
> I didn't see any English-language version of the trailer, on the blog or Japanese site...if there is interest in making an E-version of the trailer, I bet people on the list would be willing to help out (myself included...in which case, please contact me off line).
> Anne
> On Sep 28, 2010, at 10:10 PM, Kimura Jo wrote:
>> Hello everyone, an announcement for an exciting video documentary film
>> screening opportunity. The director, Tokachi Tsuchiya is an active
>> member of Labornet Japan.
>> "A Normal Life, Please", U.S. PREMIERE screening !
>> ----------
>> ATTENTION!���Japan's stunning "A Normal Life, Please", to be screened at
>> HSDFF in AR.
>> It is so grateful that I am announcing that Japan's multiple
>> award-winning documentary film, "A Normal Life, Please", has been
>> selected to be screened as the only Japanese film at the 19th Hot
>> Springs Documentary Festival, Arkansas, in October 2010(For your
>> information, HSDF is one of the three major documentary film festivals
>> in the U.S.)
>> The film focuses upon a 36-year-old Japanese male truck driver's rise
>> from his intolerable working environment(552 working hours/month with no
>> overwork allowance, no paid vacation and other benefits)
>> in which he has been abused verbally and/or physically by his bosses,
>> which apparently violates Japanese Labor Standard Law that is aimed to
>> protect all the laborers in Japan.
>> His doomed days are full of patience and obedience, however, one day, it
>> comes to his attention that something is wrong with his job, and
>> finally, he stands up to struggle with all his might to "win" a decent
>> working environment and conditions.
>> "It is absolutely my pleasure that my proud piece of work is going to be
>> shown in the United States, which is the world's most
>> neo-liberalism-dominating country", states the director, Tokachi Tsuchiya.
>> The screening schedule is as follows:
>> Sunday, October 17th - 7:20PM
>> Wednesday, October 20th - 5:30PM
>> Tsuchiya is set to make his appearance on the 2nd date(Wednesday,
>> October 20th) and will answer your questions in person.
>> Please make sure to check out "A Normal Life, Please" as this is the
>> very first U.S. premiere screening of the film, and you will learn the
>> miserable reality of the Japanese poor-conditioned mistreated
>> blue-collar laborers in the "land of rising sun."
>> For more details, visit the official HSDFF website:
>> "The 19th Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival"
>> http://www.hsdfi.org/festival
>> and the official "A Normal Life, Please" blog(written in Japanese)
>> http://nomalabor.exblog.jp/
>> For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us. We hope we are
>> going to spread the impact of "A Normal Life, Please" among those who
>> reside in the U.S. to stimulate your interest in Japan and to let you
>> know the widespread ongoing problems/issues among the laborers in Japan.
>> Bring your family, friends, and everyone you know who is interested in
>> the contemporary Japan. Do not miss out this rare opportunity!
>> +++
>> Kimura Jo
>> Labornet Japan���http://www.labornetjp.org��� Twitter ID: labornetjp
>> News department
>> see our English site. ... http://labornetjp.blogspot.com/

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