Quentin Turnour is out of the office.

Quentin Turnour Quentin.Turnour at nfsa.gov.au
Sun Sep 5 14:02:43 EDT 2010

I will be out of the office starting  06/09/2010 and will not return until

Cinema Programming sometimes isn't in the office Mondays and today is a
case in point. I  can be contacted regarding urgent matters on +61 (0) 428

Please also cc all important emails to unkleque at yahoo.com.au. alerting my
via txt if they require urgent attention.

For routine issues, Cynthia Piromalli, the Assistant Programmer, should be
contacted on +61 2 6248 2289, cynthia.piromalli at nfsa.gov.au, especially if
this involves film print shipping matters.

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