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There some interesting stats here, including AV (last page of the pdf):

I'm not sure if pinkeiga are included in the grandtotal though :/

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Hi Michael & Roger, 

I have a list that I've cobbled together from a couple memoirs by Eirin staff and a commemorative volume that was released by Eirin in 2006 - 50-nen no ayumi - , but, as with most research on pinks and seijin, it's probably far from complete. I'm happy to share it, but it might take me a bit of time to put it into a coherent form. 

Michael, I'm curious where you get your stats from (and would love to see your graph if you're willing to share). When researching this, I've been repeatedly frustrated by differing numbers in various accounts and have usually relied on Eiren's data on their website, but recall having found contradictory information in the standard histories of the birth of seijin eiga. 


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One question: I have a nice graph of the number of "seijin eiga" from 1958 through the 1960s, with an obvious inflection point when pink films started. But does anyone have a *list* of what films were designated as "seijin eiga" before 1963? I don't remember seeing one in any of the material on Eirin. 


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