Imports: a correction and a question

Roger Macy macyroger at
Tue Apr 12 05:24:50 EDT 2011

Dear KineJapaners,

First, the correction:
A few months back, I recall answering to a question on German-Japanese collaborations about Riefenstahl's 'Olympia' and saying something to the effect that the four-year delay would be incomprehensible today.  I've just stumbled on the fact that the 2006 UK film 'Amazing Grace' is currently on release in Japan and is being heavily advertised.  In my defense, the age of the film is not exactly being pushed ...

My question is - and I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't locate it - I'll write it into the index of my 'Research Guide' this time - is what is an accessible resource for the release dates of foreign films into Japan.  The period I'm interested in right now is some UK films of the 50s.  For later periods, there's runs in the UK of Kinema Junpo, but is there any volume I could acquire which would hold this information please ?

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