Kankyaku e no apurochi (E+J)

Aaron Gerow aaron.gerow at yale.edu
Fri Apr 8 16:10:01 EDT 2011

I wanted to let everyone know that the anthology, Kankyaku e no  
apurochi, has just been published by Shinwasha. It is edited by Fujiki  
Hideaki and features many articles (including several by KineJapaners,  
such as yours truly) on the issue of spectatorship in Japanese film  

Kankyaku e no apurochi ($B4Q5R$X$N%"%W%m!<%A(B)
Ed. Fujiki Hideaki ($BF#LZ=(O/(B)
Shinwasha ($B?9OC<R(B), 2011. ISBN 978-4-86405-020-3

I have a bit more about it on my blog:


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