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This is excellent! So good to see and long overdue!


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> Greetings,
> We would like to announce the new release of *THE DOCUMENTARIES OF 
> NORIAKI TSUCHIMOTO* from *Zakka Films*. We were somewhat reticent to 
> advertise our new products at a time of great crisis in Japan, but 
> given the documentarist Noriaki Tsuchimoto's long commitment to 
> battling environmental pollution and critiquing modern Japanese 
> society and the corporate state, we finally felt we should release 
> them now since his works are as pertinent today as they ever were.
> Noriaki Tsuchimoto is one of the most important figures in the history 
> of Japanese documentary, famous for his compelling films on the 
> mercury poisoning incident in Minamata, Japan, and for his fascinating 
> portraits of a modernizing Japan and a changing Asia. Tsuchimoto was 
> involved in over 100 films, of different topics and styles, and Zakka 
> Films is introducing four of those, starting with *MINAMATA: THE 
> VICTIMS AND THEIR WORLD*, one of the masterpieces of world 
> documentary; *ON THE ROAD: A DOCUMENT*, a traffic safety documentary 
> that was so critical of modern Japan it was shelved for 40 years; and 
> two rare documents of *Afghanistan*filmed in the 1980s before the 
> Taliban, including *TRACES: THE KABUL MUSEUM*, the world?s only moving 
> image record of a priceless collection that was largely lost to bombs 
> and looting. The DVD comes with the booklet, The Documentaries of 
> Noriaki Tsuchimoto, which includes a critical evaluation of 
> Tsuchimoto?s career and commentaries on each film by prominent scholars.
> /*New Release!*
> /*
> */
> /Four masterworks by one of Japan's greatest documentary filmmakers
> Bringing the world's untold stories to light, from the scourges of 
> Japan's modernization to Afghanistan before the Taliban
> Now on DVD with English subtitles. You can view the trailer for each 
> DVD on YouTube by clicking the trailer link./
> ?*ON THE ROAD:  A DOCUMENT *(DVD-R / Region Free / NTSC / 42 min. /  B&W)
> The Trailer:
> A powerful, award-winning critique of the newly modernized Japan of 
> 1963 seen through the eyes of a taxi driver.
> / 120 min. /  B&W)
> The Trailer:
> Celebrated as a masterpiece of documentary, MINAMATA follows the 
> victims of Minamata disease, Japan?s most notorious case of 
> environmental pollution, in their struggle for recognition and 
> compensation.
> 42 min. / Color)
> The Trailer:
> An engrossing portrait of Kabul in the days before the Taliban. When 
> few foreigners were allowed to film in the country, Tsuchimoto 
> succeeded in revealing the everyday life of Afghanis, particularly 
> those of women.
> ?*TRACES: THE KABUL MUSEUM 1988* (DVD-R / Region Free / NTSC / 32 min. 
> / Color)
> The Trailer:
> A rare tour of the Kabul Museum and its priceless antiquities before 
> 70% of the them were destroyed or stolen. The only moving image record 
> of this treasure house of Afghani history and culture.
> For more information on these DVDs, please visit us at 
> <>.
> *Now at a reduced price!*
> To commemorate the release of THE DOCUMENTARIES OF NORIAKI TSUCHIMOTO, 
> we've reduced the price of *THE ROOTS OF JAPANESE ANIME,* the first 
> DVD we released. If you don't yet have this highly acclaimed 
> collection of classic Japanese animation, which includes the notorious 
> war film, *MOMOTARO'S SEA EAGLE*, you can get it now for $10 off!
> *
> How to order*
> If you are an individual customer, please purchase our films at Film 
> Baby: Institutions must purchase THE 
> information is available 
> at<> <>
> *Coming soon!*
> One of our exciting, upcoming projects is The Filmmakers? Market. This 
> is  a new marketplace for documentaries that allows filmmakers to 
> bring their English-subtitled works in for direct sale, kind of like a 
> farmer?s fresh produce market. We plan to feature not only Japanese 
> but also other Asian documentaries. We will announce the grand opening 
> soon!
> *About Zakka Films*
> We present some of the classics and great works of Japanese cinema on 
> information-rich DVDs. Our main focus is anime and documentary, but as 
> we scour archives and film festivals, our over-riding criteria are 
> filmmaking excellence and historical significance. Our DVDs will come 
> stocked with extra bonus features and commentaries by noted scholars 
> sure to enlighten students, researchers, and even the casual observer 
> of Japan.
> Join us on Facebook, so you can get fresh news from us.
> *
> Japan Disaster Relief*
> For those who are interested in donating to the relief effort, we have 
> added a convenient link to the Japan Society of New York's relief fund 
> page to our web page.
> Contact:
> Seiko Ono
> Zakka Films
> <>
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