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Please do follow Hitomi Kamanaka on Twitter @kama38, and take a look  
at her HP:
now more relevant than ever.

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> Just to keep up the recent postings, I highly recommend this site  
> which was originally created to provide information about the  
> upcoming symposium at the University of Chicago and to facilitate  
> learning, teaching, and acting upon the relationship between nuclear  
> weapons and nuclear energy, in the classroom and in our communities.  
> ( But more recently,  
> the site has dedicated itself to provide updated information sources  
> regarding the recent earthquakes and their various consequences. As  
> you can see, the symposium is organized by those who have long-term  
> engagement with the issues mentioned above and have clear stances,  
> but the information they have made available in the past few weeks  
> at this site is not limited to their individual stances. More  
> importantly, many of the information sources available here concern  
> the damage from the earthquakes and tsunami and ‘urgent’ relief proj 
> ects. Obviously, the nuclear crisis and media coverage of various as 
> pects of the disaster are inseparable but not identical issues and t 
> hus are included here. Also notice that two documentary filmmakers,  
> M.T. Silvia and Hitomi Kamanaka, are part of the Atomic Age project  
> and will participate in the symposium. You can find their twitter id 
>  and facebook at their website.
> I hope some will find this as a useful reference. I would also  
> appreciate it if any of you could suggest individuals,  
> organizations, sites etc. for more information about the relief  
> projects, especially those that are not publicized widely, as  
> students groups in my institution are currently organizing ways to  
> contribute to such projects.
> My condolences to those who have suffered from this terrible tragedy.
> Sincerely,
> Junko Y.
> Ph.D Student
> Cinema and Media Studies
> University of Chicago
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