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Mon Mar 21 16:58:07 EDT 2011

Just to keep up the recent postings, I highly recommend this site  
which was originally created to provide information about the upcoming  
symposium at the University of Chicago and to facilitate learning,  
teaching, and acting upon the relationship between nuclear weapons and  
nuclear energy, in the classroom and in our communities. ( 
). But more recently, the site has dedicated itself to provide updated  
information sources regarding the recent earthquakes and their various  
consequences. As you can see, the symposium is organized by those who  
have long-term engagement with the issues mentioned above and have  
clear stances, but the information they have made available in the  
past few weeks at this site is not limited to their individual  
stances. More importantly, many of the information sources available  
here concern the damage from the earthquakes and tsunami and ‘urgent’  
relief projects. Obviously, the nuclear crisis and media coverage of  
various aspects of the disaster are inseparable but not identical  
issues and thus are included here. Also notice that two documentary  
filmmakers, M.T. Silvia and Hitomi Kamanaka, are part of the Atomic  
Age project and will participate in the symposium. You can find their  
twitter id and facebook at their website.

I hope some will find this as a useful reference. I would also  
appreciate it if any of you could suggest individuals, organizations,  
sites etc. for more information about the relief projects, especially  
those that are not publicized widely, as students groups in my  
institution are currently organizing ways to contribute to such  

My condolences to those who have suffered from this terrible tragedy.


Junko Y.
Ph.D Student
Cinema and Media Studies
University of Chicago
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