Media coverage of the quake and tsunami in Japan

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Sat Mar 19 11:13:29 EDT 2011

Readers on this list might be interested in the following criticism/ 
analysis of American TV coverage published recently in the San  
Francisco Chronicle; it makes many of the same points Roger does:

The print coverage has been considerably better.  The following  
graphic made by the NY Times provides an indelible visualization of  
the the tsunami's devastation, in case you missed it (the graphic  
superimposes before and after satellite images with a slider to show  
the change):

Jesse Kalin, New York

On Mar 19, 2011, at 8:45 AM, Roger Macy wrote:

> Media coverage of the quake and tsunami in Japan
> Dear KineJapaners,
> I was also glad to have the silence on this list broken and to hear  
> from friends.  I sincerely hope that those I have not yet heard from  
> are safe and do not have friends or relatives afflicted by these  
> tragedies.
> There have been direct and indirect references to media coverage of  
> the disaster on the threads ‘Fundraising Screening of CALF …’ and  
> ‘the eerie silence on KineJapan …’ [which we have well-and-truly  
> broken!].  But I would like to hear of members’ takes on the  
> coverage when they are ready.  My own contribution is a little long,  
> so feel free to file or delete.
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