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Dear Katherine,
I'd say it's a strong list without being especially cute, although  Kuki ningyo has a particular take on cute, as does Ai no mukidashi.  The Genius Party compendia had cute somewhere.  But many of these are reviewed at MidnightEye, and, usefully, they've given you english-language titles to look up.

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  Dear All, I am attaching list of films being shown at Zeughauskino in Berlin starting tomorrow and would love to have any recommendations. I am most interested in pop and cute stuff but would love to hear from the list. If and when you have time.
  Thanks in advance.
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  I'm sure any number of institutions would jump on this. And Kyoto's Bunpaku already has been acting as custodian for some of this. Surely it has to do with the price tag. 

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