Tokyo: FCCJ Screening - MOTHERS’ WAY, DAUGHTERS’ CHOICE, 7 March, 2011

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Dear KineJapanners,

Karen Severns has announced a screening at the Foreign Correspondents'  
Club of Japan on Monday, March 7.  FCCJ is a private club, so please  
reserve through Karen if you would like to attend: kjs30 at

Patrick Noonan

SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW SCREENING followed by a Q&A session with  
director Kyoko Gasha

7:00 pm  20th floor

USA, 2009  85 minutes
In Japanese and English with appropriate subtitles

Join the Movie Committee as we honor the centenary of International  
Women’s Day (1911 – 2011) with a film that celebrates the achievements  
of Japanese women in New York City.

Whenever her mother put a hat on her head as a child, Kyoko Gasha  
would always say with excitement, “I’m taking a trip abroad.” Forty  
years later, Gasha was living in New York City and discovering that  
she wasn’t alone: the city was filled with successful women from the  
world’s second largest economic power —but why would they choose to  
start their lives over in such a competitive environment, so far from  
home? Gasha, a longtime reporter for TV Tokyo and Reuters TV, began  
making a film to find out.

The documentary “Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice” explores how several  
Japanese women struggle to reconcile their traditional upbringing with  
their desire to live fulfilling lives. To understand their struggles,  
Gasha delves into the deep, powerful influences of Japanese culture on  
her own life as well, weaving parallel tales of guilt, denial,  
sacrifice and joy. This is a story of cultures clashing on a personal  

“Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice” is the winner of the Audience and  
Best Cultural Documentary awards at the New York International  
Independent Movie Festival, and recipient of the prestigious Front  
Page Award from the Newswomen’s Club of New York.

All movie screenings are private, noncommercial events restricted to  
FCCJ members and their guests.

Karen Severns, Edwin Karmiol, Movie Committee
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