[KineJapan] Kadokawa International Distribution contact?

quentin turnour unkleque at yahoo.com.au
Wed Oct 10 17:38:17 EDT 2018

Has anyone on list had any recent dealings with Kadokawa Pictures’s international distribution arm (or Daiei-Kadokawa as I think its called now)? 

My past contact links seem to have now rotted or bounced. As does the contacts suggested on the UniJapan database (but that always seems to lag few years behind). 

Emails sent to various corporate sites have not been answered, although these have been written in English. And Kadokawa is, of course, a sprawling corporate entity. 

Apologies for posting, as this is not really a film programmers knowledge exchange listserv. 

Happy to take replies off-list. Happy for any replies. 

Quentin Turnour,
National Archives of Australia / Cinema Reborn Film Festival, Sydney, Australia.

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