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Dear KineJapan, 

I just wanted to share a short report of the screenings I’ve attended last Sunday at the Kobe Planet Film Archive. 
The program, From “NDU to NDS”, included the screening of To the Japs: South Korean A-Bomb Survivors Speak Out
 (NDU, 1971) followed by a short documentary-like work by Kim Imman shot in 2008 (but I’m not really sure about the date) when Nunokawa Tetsurō and himself went to Korea and met the women portrayed more than 30 years before in the movie. 
The day continued with a short talk between Inoue san (the only surviving member of the collective), Imman and a young Japanese scholar who specializes on NDU and 1960s/1970s Japanese cinema. The small theater was, with my surprise, packed, and extra chairs had to be added to fit everybody in. Unfortunately the talk was too short and mainly focussed on the absence of Japanese subtitles in some scenes in Imman’s short work and on other language related problems in To the Japs (why the women were called by their Japanese name, etc.). Nothing was said on the formal elements of the film, and I think it was a missed opportunity, the movie looked and felt a bit different to me from the other NDU’s movies I’ve seen (Onikko, Motoshinkakarannu and Asia is One), both in style and approach, yet still perfectly embodying that aesthetics of chaos so powerful in all the collective’s works. Maybe because it was screened in 16mm, but the colors looked really popping and the black and white (almost bluish in some scenes) absolutely stunning....
The last work screened was Kim Imman’s Give Back Kama’s Rights! (2011), produced by NDS (Nakazaki-cho Documentary Space) and shot with the help of Nunokawa himself. 

Matteo Boscarol
ボスカロル マッテオ
- Documentary in Japan and Asia
- Film writer for Il Manifesto

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