[KineJapan] New archive documentary about the moon in world cinema

Clare Stronge clare at tothemoon.ie
Tue Feb 19 07:41:35 EST 2019

Hello KineJapan members

I wonder if I could seek your help?

My name is Clare Stronge and I am a producer writing to you from Dublin,

We are producing a new documentary about the moon as historically seen in
world cinema.

We have archival researchers working around the world to find beautiful
"moonlit scenes" in the unique cultural heritage of their own country.

We have been working with some wonderful professional researchers in Japan
to mine Japan's extraordinarily rich canon of films.

But I wondered if I could also reach out to your society to ask if any
members would like to potentially become involved in the project?

Our brief is that we are looking for old Japanese fiction films (or
documentaries) that feature the moon or moonlit scenes in them.

We are looking for material pre-1970. And ideally from lesser known or
under-appreciated films (rather than the classic masterpieces of Japanese

If this project does not sound of interest, my apologies to bother you.

Sending my thanks and my very warmest greetings from Ireland.

Clare Stronge

Producer, To The Moon
+353 87 104 5858
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