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The Nikkei and Shigeki Koga <https://www.facebook.com/shigeki.koga.3?__tn__=%2CdK-R-R&eid=ARD8IrvG8HOZlzhpJFAdjG9_KXUHaoylot-c2N15VdYhPZaAqojw8bB_ouJo6tg0wfcFU-NYdjjPhm5U&fref=mentions> report that the film editor Kishi Fumiko has passed away at the age of 98. She was one of the last living witnesses to Man'ei. She started out at age 15 at Daiichi Eiga working as an assistant to Sakane Tazuko, the editor of Osaka Elegy and later Japan's first woman director. Kishi also worked as an assistant to Alice Ludwig, who co-edited Atarashiki tsuchi. She later moved to Man'ei in 1939, but remained in China after the war with Uchida Tomu and others, teaching editing to many young Chinese women editors. She published the book Man'ei to watashi in 2015 with Ishii Taeko about her experiences. R.I.P.


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