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Not sure why someone would imagine that a filmed interview would not be screened publicly.

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Right wingers, including the American Kent Gilbert, have sued to stop the screening of Shusenjo, a documentary directed by Miki Dezaki. Although they were interviewed in the documentary about the comfort women issue, which has been quite successful in Japan, they assert that they were not told it would be released publicly, and that they have been defamed by being called historical revisionists, etc. Dezaki has already given a press conference in which he stated that everyone was made aware the film would likely be shown publicly, and even stated that Gilbert sent him e-mails congratulating him on the public release.


Here’s Dezaki’s YouTube response to the initial allegations:


It doesn’t seem that those suing have any legs to stand on, and that this is just an effort to suppress criticism of the comfort women issue. This threat to documentary and freedom of speech is of great concern.

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