[KineJapan] Japanese Transnational Cinema Seminar - London 23 - 24 May

Marcos Pablo Centeno Martin m.centeno at bbk.ac.uk
Wed May 15 15:30:33 EDT 2019

Dear Kinejapan members,

A seminar on "Japanese Transnational Cinema" on 23 and 24 May at Birkbeck, University of London. The event is free but please book your seat here:


Programme copied bellow:

‘Japanese Transnational Cinema’
This seminar on ‘Japanese Transnational Cinema’ proposes a new methodology, attempting to challenge this old paradigm by highlighting the limitations of studying Japanese film as a cinematic phenomenon confined to its national borders. Papers seek innovative analytical approaches aimed at interrogating the cultural complexities of Japanese film production, illustrating to what extent Japanese cinema should also be assessed through its transnational dimension


23 MAY
9.30-10 Registration
10 – 10.15 Introduction. Marcos Centeno, Nori Morita, Akane Kawakami
Panel 1.Transnationality in non-fiction. Chair: Marcos Centeno
10.15-10.55 Hideaki Fujiki (Nagoya)
Global Imagination of Ontological Reality by Transnational Radioactive Documentaries

10.55-11.35 Kerstin Fooken (Birkbeck)
Inabata and the Lumières – Exploring the Transnational Foundations of Cinema in Japan

11.35-11.50 Coffee break

Panel 2: Zainichi Cinema: Korean authors in Japan. Chair: Griseldis Kirsch (SOAS)

11.50-12.20 Nori Morita (Waseda)
Japanese National Cinema Unsettled: Zainichi Films since the 1980

12.20-13.00 Hyunseon Lee (SOAS)
"Our Homeland" - A Zainichi Film Transcending Japanese and Korean Culture on the Silver Screen

13-14 Lunch

Panel 3: Transnational aesthetics and modes of representation. Chair: Kerstin Fooken (Birkbeck)

14-14.40 Syada Dastagir (Birkbeck)
Idealising India through the Tokyo Trials: transnational co production and nationalist narratives

14.40-15.20 Adam Bingham (SOAS)
Genre by Any Other Name

15.20-15.35 Coffee break

Panel 4. From Japan to Latin America. Alternative Cinematic Experiences. Chair: Mari-Paz Balibrea (Birkbeck)

15.35-16.15 Marcos Centeno (Birkbeck)
>From Africa to Latin America: Transnationality in Susumu Hani’s theories and cinematic experiences.

16.15.-16.55 Alejandra Armendariz (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)
Cinema, Revolution and Transnational Co-Productions between Japan and Cuba

24 May

Panel 5. Transnational gender identities. Chair: Irene Gónzalez-López (Kingston)

10.00-10.40 Kinoshita Chika (Kyoto)
Transnational Appreciation as a Feminist Tactics: The 1930s Girls’ School Culture

10.40-11.20 Lois Barnett (SOAS)
'The Modern Boy and the Screen: Media Representation of Young Urban Men Wearing Western Style Clothing in 1920s and 1930s Japan.

11.20-11.35 Coffee break

Panel 6. Chair: Influences from Western literary forms. Chair: Marcos Centeno (Birkbeck)

11.35-12.05 Kenta Kato (Waseda)
Disciples of Oscar Wilde: Effeminate Characters in Japanese Gendai-geki Films

12.05-12.45 Lola Martinez (SOAS/University of Oxford)
Transnational or Transcultural? Kurosawa’s Shakespeare Adaptations

12.45-14 Lunch

Panel 7. Chair: Anime and the transnational. Chair: Kerstin Fooken (Birkbeck)

2-2.40 Alice Teodorescu (Independent Scholar)
When monsters collide: the transcultural vampire and its representations in Japanese animation

2.40-15.20 Laurence Green (SOAS)
Soundtracking a new ‘Japaneseness’ - Musical aesthetic and aspiration in Japan’s economic bubble

15.20-15.30 Coffee break

Panel 8: Japanese-Korean interactions. Chair: Nori Morita (Waseda)

15.30-16.10 Till Weingartner (University College Cork)
Return Ticket to Pyongyang: Transnational Aspects in the Films of Yang Yonghi

16.10-16.50 Jinhee Choi (King´s College London)
Home is Where the Kitchen is: Little Forest (2014, 2018)

16.50-17.00 Closing remarks
19.00 Speakers’ dinner.

Organising committee: Marcos Centeno, Kerstin Fooken, Griseldis Kirsch, Norimasa Morita, Alejandra Armendariz, Syada Dastagir, Lois Barnet, Laurence Green.

We are deeply grateful to DAIWA Anglo-Japanese Foundation and the Great Britain SASAKAWA Foundation for their support to this project.

This is part of the 2019 Birkbeck  Arts Week. Full list of events can be found in the link below.



Marcos Centeno PhD, FHEA
Lecturer in Japanese Studies
Japan Exchange Coordinator
Japanese Programme Director

Department of Cultures and Languages
School of Arts
Birkbeck, University of London

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