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Thank you, Aaron - I didn't know the issue was out yet!
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> I noticed two announcements on H-Film of pertinence to this list:
> <https://networks.h-net.org/user/login?destination=node/4104134>
> by Alison Tokita
> Your network editor has reposted this from H-Announce
> <https://networks.h-net.org/node/73374/announcements/4091370/cfp-gender-media-and-japan%E2%80%99s-imperial-succession>.
> The byline reflects the original authorship.
> International Symposium, November 4th, 2019
> Japanese Studies Centre, Monash University
> Melbourne, Australia
> 2019 is a highly significant year for Japan, marking the beginning of the
> Reiwa era, and offering a new definition of the “postwar”. The Heisei
> Emperor Akihito on April 30 abdicated in favour of his son Crown Prince
> Naruhito, who will be formally enthroned as Emperor in November. This
> changeover opens the possibility for change in the role of the Emperor,
> change within Japanese society, and change for Japan’s international
> relations.
> This symposium aims to explore
>    - the nature of the Japanese and international media coverage of the
>    reign change and accompanying rituals
>    - changing Japanese attitudes to the Emperor system
>    - the significance of the rituals surrounding the accession and
>    enthronement and how that significance has changed in this fifth
>    enthronement in the modern era
>    - the recent law excluding female succession and the impact of this
>    exclusion on the status and morale of Japanese women, and how it reflects
>    the status quo of Japanese women’s position
>    - the reactions of other countries to this momentous changeover,
>    particularly those of China and Korea
>    - the extent to which the imperial succession provides a chance to
>    reassess Australia-Japan relations
> Papers are invited that address any of these themes, or other topics
> relating to the significance of the imperial accession.
> *Confirmed speakers*
> *Professor John Breen*, International Research Centre for Japanese
> Studies, Kyoto, whose topic “Ritual Interventions: Emperor-making in
> Meiji, Taisho and Showa Japan” will offer a historical perspective on the
> rituals and politics of the imperial succession.
> *Professor Ayuu Ishida*, Momoyama Gakuin University, Osaka, will argue
> that Japanese news reports on the imperial succession cannot be understood
> without regard to a gender perspective. She will analyse Japanese media
> coverage of the ongoing imperial succession controversy to reveal
> stereotypes surrounding women fulfilling public roles.
> *To submit a proposal*
> We invite abstracts of approximately 250-300 words (MS-Word format) which
> should be sent by email to the Project Convenor:
> Alison.Tokita at monash.edu
> We would like to receive abstracts by July 15, 2019. Acceptance will be
> confirmed by July 31, and the Symposium program will be finalized by August
> 15.
> Contact Info:
> Alison Tokita
> Adjunct Researcher
> Japanese Studies Centre
> Monash University
> Clayton, Australia 3800
> Contact Email:
> alison.tokita at monash.edu
> URL:
> http://artsonline.monash.edu.au/jsc/
> Asian Cinema 30.1 is now available
> <https://networks.h-net.org/user/login?destination=node/4082694>
> by Tessa Mathieson
> Intellect is excited to announce that *Asian Cinema *30.1 is now
> available! For more information about the issue, click here >>
> https://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/intellect/ac/2019/00000030/00000001
> *Aims/Scope*
> *Asian Cinema* is a peer-reviewed seminal journal, which was published
> from 1995 by the Asian Cinema Studies Society under the stewardship of
> Professor John Lent. From 2012 *Asian Cinema* has been published by
> Intellect as part of our film studies journal portfolio. The journal
> currently publishes a variety of scholarly material – including research
> articles, interviews, book and film reviews and bibliographies – on all
> forms and aspects of Asian cinema. The journal’s broad aim is to advance
> understanding and knowledge of the rich traditions of the various Asian
> cinemas, thereby making an invaluable contribution to the field of film
> studies in general.
> *Issue 30.1*
> *Articles*
> Passionate agendas: Melodrama in the work of Yoshimura Kozaburo
> Earl Jackson
> It’s tough being a humanist: Yo-ji Yamada, the cynical company man
> Kenta Kato
> Kurosawa’s Rashomon, re-viewed
> R. J. Cardullo
> Resisting age-ratings in China: The ongoing prehistory of film
> classification
> Liam Grealy, Catherine Driscoll, Bin Wang and Yongchun Fu
> From affective space to performative depth: Spatial aesthetics in 3-D
> wuxia films *Flying Swords of Dragon Gate* (2010) and *Sword Master *
> (2016)
> Zeng Li
> Translocal female subjectivity: Notes on Ann Hui’s *The Golden Era*
> Zeng Hong
> Asghar Farhadi’s nuanced feminism: Gender and marriage in Farhadi’s films
> from *Dancing in the Dust* to *A Separation*
> Mostafa Abedinifard
> The first screenings of Lumière films in China: Conjectures and new
> findings
> Sheldon Lu
> Making the most of an MOOC on Asian film: Hong Kong Cinema Through a
> Global Lens: A Massive Open Online Course at the University of Hong Kong
> Gina Marchetti, Aaron Han Joon MagnanPark and Stacilee Ford
> *Review*
> Dialectics of the Goddess in Japanese Audiovisual Culture, Lorenzo J.
> Torres Hortelano (ed.) (2018) Marcos P. Centeno Martín
> For more information about the journal and calls for papers, click here >>
> https://www.intellectbooks.com/asian-cinema
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