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I believe you are referring to the photo of Sakurai Yoshiko?


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> Thanks, as ever, for the briefings on Shusenjo, not least because it gave
> me the heads-up that I could watch the film with english subtitles at the
> 2100 screenings at Image Forum.
> My little take on comes near the end where more than one of the
> neo-imperialists (or whatever you like to call them) come out with a
> precept that I might paraphrase as ‘not doubting is doing well’. That’s
> one-up on the motto of the town I found myself living in where, to enter
> the town hall, you had to pass under the motto, ‘Do Well and Doubt Not’.
> Since the neo-imperialists also claimed that not doubting was uniquely
> Japanese, I thought I’d mention that. Back, I think in the 90s, I even
> submitted a question to BBC ‘Brains Trust’ that the motto of Tunbridge
> Wells was fundamentally immoral. Three panellists brought their own fear of
> personal hesitation to the table and only Ben Okri saw where an absence of
> doubt can lead.
> There were a lot of names and backgrounds to take in for one sitting. If
> anyone could tell me the name and anything about the english-speaking woman
> of Japanese descent who reflects, I’d be obliged.
> https://www.shusenjo.com/ click on ‘Gallery’. She’s top row on the far
> right, the one who faced her doubts, not the LDP member to her left who
> can’t.
> Roger
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> I dropped Miki a line about previous showings. There have been threats,
> but so far the film has been screened in over 50 Japanese cities without
> incident.
> Markus
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