[KineJapan] Information needed for end notes for a book I'm completing on silent serial queen Pearl White

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I am presently completing the end notes for a biography on silent serial queen Pearl White. There are sections in the book in which I discuss her enormous world-wide popularity and influence.
I have been working on this book, off and on, for a number of years. The research has encompassed thousands of sources. In compiling the notes, it has often been difficult to locate the specific source for some of the information in my text after all this lapse of time. In particular, I would very much appreciate it if any members of KineJapan could furnish me with exact sources for the following paragraph in my text:
    In Japan, Pearl's films regularly drew throngs to the theaters; her photograph was frequently featured in Japanese movie magazines, and in a popularity poll in the Japanese movie magazine, "Katsudo no Sekai," she ranked far ahead of most of her competitors. Her assertive performances made such an impression on young women of the period that, according to one male critic, Japanese female fans had even started to imitate Pearl's manner of walking.
Now I believe I may have obtained that very information from a member of this group some 15 years ago--or perhaps it was through personal correspondence. It was so long ago I'm not sure, and it would be a Herculean task to go through the piles of printed-out e-mails in my archive to locate it.

I wonder, therefore, if someone here could furnish me with an exact source for the information in the above paragraph--title and author of publication, the date and place it was printed, and page number. I will include you in my acknowledgments if you help. I should note that the above paragraph serves as a lead-in to another one discussing Yasujiro Ozu's admiration of Pearl White during his boyhood in Matsusaka, but in that case I do have the sources I will cite in the end notes.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me in this matter.
William M. Drew
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