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Witches of the Orient, 2021, Julien Faraut

Partly answering my own question (again) about the film, Witches ofthe Orient at Nippon Connection and elsewhere, “perhaps these subjects havebeen explored previously in Japan ?”, it turns out that this subject has beenwell written up much closer to my neck of the woods, by Helen Macnaughtan ofSOAS. A good one-stop account is her paper in Sportin History . It tellsme that manager Daimatsu was historically anything but the silent voice he isin Faraut’s film, so that is clearly an editorial choice for the film.

The reason I know this now, whenI didn’t on the 8th June, is that Helen is scheduled to conduct anonline Q&A with Faraut organised by the Japan Society of the UK on Wed 21stJuly at 1830 London time (BST).

Although the source for viewing the film quoted there iscountry-restricted, the Q&A is, I believe, unrestricted.
It's sad, of course, that I have to post this under the news that there will be no spectators in Tokyo for the Olympics.


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