[KineJapan] CFP: Haneda Sumiko Online Symposium Part II

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Dear Kinejapaners, 

Many thanksto all of you who attended our online screenings and symposium on documentary filmmaker HanedaSumiko last week. It was great to see a few names of people from thislist among the attendees and we hope you enjoyed watching the films and thepresentations.

The second partof this project will happen in September with more screenings and another symposiumonline on 16th and 17th September at more suitable times for those in Japan and theUS. I attach here (and copy below) the Call for Papers for this second symposium andinvite anyone interested in Haneda’s work to submit their proposals. 

Please notethat the submission deadline closes on 11th August.

More detailsabout the films and the symposium programme will follow soon. We look forward to seeingyou there. 

Thank you,

Alejandra Armendáriz-Hernández, Marcos Centeno, IreneGonzález-López, and Ricardo Matos.


Japanese Documentary Filmmaker HanedaSumiko: Authorship and Gender Discourses (Part II)


Title: “Japanese DocumentaryFilmmaker Haneda Sumiko: Authorship and Gender Discourses”
Date and Time: 16-17 September 2021
Online symposium

“Japanese Documentary Filmmaker Haneda Sumiko.Authorship and Gender Discourses” is an Anglo-Japanese research project whichproposes a rediscovery (and discovery in the West) of one of the most importantdocumentary makers from Japan, Haneda Sumiko.

Haneda Sumiko (1926-) was a pioneer and prolificdocumentarist and one of few women working in non-fiction cinema in in post-warJapan. She started her career in the influential Iwanami Productions where sheparticipated in the creation of many short and long documentary and PR worksfrom the early years of the company in 1950s until the 1980s. Following herretirement from Iwanami, Haneda became an independent filmmaker co-founding herown production company with her husband Kudo Mitsuru and directing several award-winningdocumentaries until 2012.

This symposium belongs to a series of events organisedaround Haneda’s work. The first one took place in July 2021 and comprised of anonline symposium and two online screenings of Haneda’s films (Ode to Mt. Hayachine, 1982, and Into the PictureScroll-The Tale of Yamanaka Tokiwa, 2004). This second event will take placein September and will also include an online symposium on 16th /17th September, accompaniedby online screenings (dates and films tbc) as well as physical screenings ofHaneda Sumiko’s Women’s College in the Village (1957) and The Cherry Tree with Gray Blossoms (1977) in London inpartnership with Open City Documentary Festival on 11th September 2021.

For the online symposium in September, we invitepapers that discuss any aspects of Haneda Sumiko’s work including—but not limited to—thefollowing topics:

- The role of women in Japanese society and culture.
- Representation of traditional Japan.
- Representation of a ‘Japan’ that is vanishing.
- Representation of a ‘Japan’ that is lost.
- Representation of Transnational Japan. A ‘Japan’that is found outside Japan.
- Film representation of other arts.
- Representation of social issues.
- Documentary filmmaking in post-war Japan.
- Eco criticism and documentary 

Please send a paper title, an abstract up to 250words, and a short bio to haneda.sumiko.events at gmail.com by 11thAugust2021.


Dr Marcos Centeno (Birkbeck, University of London), DrIrene González-López (Meiji Gakuin and Kingston University), AlejandraArmendáriz-Hernández (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) and Ricardo Matos(independent film curator). 

This symposium is organised in partnership with theJapan Foundation, Birkbeck School of Arts, BIMI (Birkbeck Institute for MovingImage), SOAS Japan Research Centre, Open City Documentary Festival and MeijiGakuin, and is also generously supported by Sasakawa Foundation.
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