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It was reported today that the splendid actor Tamura Masakazu, son of the jidaigeki great Bando Tsumasaburo, died of heart failure on April 3 at the age of 77. Tamura debuted as a film actor at Shochuku in 1961, but mostly became famous on television, first for his roles in jidaigeki, especially the Nemuri Kyoshiro series. He expanded his roles to home dramas and comedies in the 80s and 90s, and become most known for his starring role as the eccentric detective Furuhata Ninzaburo in the eponymous series, written by Mitani Koki (I actually showed this in class last month—it is a lot of fun). His brothers Tamura Takahiro (who died in 2006) and Tamura Ryo (who is still active) were also actors.


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