[KineJapan] letter to the Japanese Ministry of Justice

Irene Gonzalez-Lopez irene.glez.lpez at gmail.com
Wed May 26 03:30:15 EDT 2021

Dear all,

Apologies for cross posting. Many of you may have already seen (and signed)
this letter to the Japanese Ministry of Justice demanding changes in the
country’s current border policies to help researchers, teaching staff and
students enter the country and continue with their work and personal lives.

In addition to the extreme difficulties and uncertainty researchers trying
to enter Japan are facing, according to the Japanese Embassy in Spain, even
if one is eligible to enter the country based on the few acknowledged
exceptions, individuals with 'dependent' visa status (married partner,
children) are not allowed into the country. This adds to the already
terrible situation that unmarried couples or married same-sex partners face
when trying to apply for a visa.

Please sign and share widely!


Best wishes,


*Irene **González-López, PhD*

Research Associate, Kingston University

Postdoctoral Fellow, Meiji Gakuin University

*Tanaka Kinuyo: Nation, Stardom and Female Subjectivity (Edinburgh
University Press, 2018)
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