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> On May 28, 2021, at 6:55 PM, Marion Klomfass via KineJapan <kinejapan at mailman.yale.edu> wrote:
> Dear all,
> we are pleased to inform you about the program of the 21st Japanese Film Festival Nippon Connection, which will run from June 1 to 6, 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, it will be held entirely online for the second year in a row. 
> Around 80 Japanese short and feature-length films will be playable as video-on-demand throughout Germany and in some cases outside of Germany during the festival period from June 1 to 6, 2021. In addition, online live film talks with the directors (including Sion SONO, Koji Fukada, SABU, Miwa Nishikawa, Takahisa Zeze, Toshiaki Toyoda, Shinichiro Ueda, Atsushi Funahashi, Yukiko Sode, Nobuhiro Suwa etc) and more than 50 workshops, lectures, concerts and performances invite exchange and interaction. All tickets and information are available on the festival website NipponConnection.com.
> The majority of the films will have their German, European, International or World Premiere at the festival. From family dramas and musical comedies to socially critical documentaries and independent animated films, the program is a diverse panorama of contemporary Japanese cinema. Big names of Japanese cinema such as Miwa Nishikawa, Takahisa Zeze and Koji Fukada are represented in the Nippon Cinema section with their latest works.
> Among the world premieres is the politically explosive documentary Ushiku by award-winning director Thomas Ash, filmed with a hidden camera in the immigration center in Ushiku near Tokyo.
> The thematic focus Family Matters - The Japanese Family between Tradition and Modernity deals with old and new family models, gender norms and unusual perspectives on the institution of family. Complementing the diverse film program, film scholars Chantal Bertalanffy and Claudia Bertolé talk about family images in Japanese cinema in their online lectures.
> Ten years after the devastating disaster in northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011, two films show the still noticeable effects on Japanese society and for those affected: Bolt by Kaizo Hayashi and Voices In The Wind by Nobuhiro Suwa. A panel discussion moderated by Prof. Dr. Steffi Richter (University of Leipzig) will address the current situation in the disaster region from different perspectives.
> Unusual perspectives and socially critical films will be shown in the Nippon Docs and Nippon Visions sections. In the Nippon Visions section, Along The Sea by Akio Fujimoto deals with the precarious situation of migrant workers. Company Retreat by Atsushi Funahashi is a powerful film about sexual harassment. 
> In the Nippon Docs section, we show eight documentaries. As a world premiere we present Ainu Neno An Ainu by the artist collective Lunch Bee House about the indigenous Ainu population in northern Japan. I Quit, Being "Friends" focuses on deaf filmmaker Ayako Imamura's friendship with Ma-chan, who is affected by Asperger's Syndrome, and leads to the question of how people can communicate with each other at all. Sayonara TV by Koji Hijikata provides an unvarnished look behind the scenes of the Japanese media landscape and plays with the audience's expectations.
> Please find below the full line-up.
> We would be happy to welcome you at our Nippon Connection online film festival!
> Best,
> Marion Klomfass
> Festival director
> Nippon Connection ONLINE
> ** * *
> 21st Japanese Film Festival 
> June 1 – 6, 2021
> NipponConnection.com
> Office:
> Nippon Connection e.V., c/o Atelierfrankfurt, Room 5.08
> Schwedlerstr. 1-5, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
> Mobile: +49 177 467 11 41
> Phone: +49 69 847 765 65, Fax: +49 69 847 765 66
> Marion at NipponConnection.com
> NipponConnection.com
> The Line-up of the 21st Nippon Connection Film Festival
> June 1–6, 2021
> All films will be shown in the original version with English subtitles except where stated otherwise.
> Aristocrats (Anoko wa kizoku) by Yukiko Sode, J 2020, 124 min., German premiere
> Bolt by Kaizo Hayashi, J 2019, 79 min., European premiere
> Can't Stop The Dancing (Dance With Me) by Shinobu Yaguchi, J 2019, 103 min.
> The Day Of Destruction (Hakai no hi) by Toshiaki Toyoda, J 2020, 57 min.
> Family Of Strangers (Heisa byoto sorezore no asa) by Hideyuki Hirayama, J 2019, 120 min., German premiere
> A Girl Missing (Yokogao) by Koji Fukada, J/FR 2019, 111 min., German premiere
> his by Rikiya Imaizumi, J 2020, 127 min., German premiere
> Hit Me Anyone One More Time (Kioku ni gozaimasen!) by Koki Mitani, J 2019, 127 min., German premiere
> My Blood And Bones In A Flowing Galaxy (Kudakechiru tokoro o misete ageru) by SABU, J 2019, 126 min., German premiere
> One Night (Hitoyo) by Kazuya Shiraishi, J 2019, 123 min.
> Our 30-Minute Sessions (Sayonara made no 30 pun) by Kentaro Hagiwara, J 2020, 114 min.
> The Promised Land (Rakuen) by Takahisa Zeze, J 2019, 129 min., German premiere
> Red Post On Escher Street (Escher dori no akai posuto) by Sion Sono, J 2020, 147 min.
> Sea Of Revival (Nagimachi) by Kazuya Shiraishi, J 2019, 124 min., German premiere
> Shiver (Senritsu seshimeyo) by Toshiaki Toyoda, J 2021, 89 min., no dialog
> Special Actors by Shinichiro Ueda, J 2019, 109 min., German premiere
> The Stormy Family (Taifu kazoku) by Masahide Ichii, J 2019, 108 min., European premiere
> To The Ends Of The Earth (Tabi no owari sekai no hajimari) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, J/Uzbekistan 2019, 120 min., original version with German and French subtitles
> Under The Open Sky (Subarashiki sekai) by Miwa Nishikawa, J 2021, 126 min., German premiere
> Voices In The Wind (Kaze no denwa) by Nobuhiro Suwa, J 2020, 139 min.
> Wolf's Calling (Noroshi ga yobu) by Toshiaki Toyoda, J 2019, 16 min., no dialog, German premiere
> Wonderful Paradise (Noten paradaisu) by Masashi Yamamoto, J 2020, 97 min., German premiere
> Special screening: A Town And A Tall Chimney (Aru machi no takai entotsu) by Katsuya Matsumura, J 2019, 130 min., original version with German subtitles
> Ainu Mosir by Takeshi Fukunaga, J/US/China 2020, 84 min., German premiere
> Along The Sea (Umibe no kanojotachi) by Akio Fujimoto, J/Vietnam 2020, 88 min., German premiere
> Aster School Days by Mone Inada, J 2020, 38 min.
> Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes (Droste no hate de bokura) by Junta Yamaguchi, J 2020, 70 min., German premiere
> Birdland by Takeshi Kogahara, J 2019, 20 min., European premiere
> Company Retreat (Aru shokuba) by Atsushi Funahashi, J 2020, 135 min., German premiere
> Daughters by Hajime Tsuda, J 2020, 104 min., German premiere
> Extraneous Matter–Complete Edition (Ibutsu -kanzenban-) by Kenichi Ugana, J 2021, 61 min., world premiere
> Idol by Ryushi Lindsay, J 2020, 21 min., German premiere
> I'm Really Good (Watashi wa genki) by Hirobumi Watanabe, J 2020, 61 min., German premiere
> It's A Summer Film! (Sama firumu ni notte) by Soshi Matsumoto, J 2020, 97 min., international premiere
> Kamata Prelude (Kamata zensokyoku) by Ryutaro Nakagawa, Mayu Akiyama, Yuka Yasukawa & Hirobumi Watanabe, J 2020, 117 min., international premiere
> Kontora by Anshul Chauhan, J 2019, 144 min., German premiere
> Lucky Owl With Shimako by Yoko Kuno & Nobuhiro Yamashita, J 2020, 1 min., no dialog, German premiere
> Montage Of Hong Kong by Ikuma Hori, J 2020, 28 min., European premiere
> Muito Prazer by Jengil Park, J 2020, 31 min., European premiere
> Nosari: Impermanent Eternity (Nosari no shima) by Tatsuya Yamamoto, J 2021, 129 min., European premiere
> O-Bon, Anecdotes From Kyoto by Jénay Vogel, Schweiz 2021, 10 min., German premiere
> Project TANUKI (Tanuki keikaku) by Yu Hsin Chiueh, J 2020, 41 min.
> Sasaki In My Mind by Takuya Uchiyama, J 2020, 118 min., international premiere
> Stay by Naoya Fujita, J 2020, 37 min., Original version with German subtitles, international premiere
> Then I Add Colors To A Panda And A Zebra by Karin Takeda, J 2019, 39 min., international premiere
> The Town Of Headcounts (Ninzu no machi) by Shinji Araki, J 2020, 111 min., German premiere
> Weather Map by Nana Kawabata, J 2021, 9 min., no dialog, German premiere
> Where Bibi Went by Tadasuke Kotani, J 2020, 15 min., German premiere
> yes, yes, yes by Akihiko Yano, J 2021, 75 min., international premiere
> Ainu Neno An Ainu by Laura Liverani, Neo Sora & Valý Þórsteinsdóttir, J 2019, 72 min., world premiere
> I Quit, Being "Friends" (Tomodachi yameta.) by Ayako Imamura, J 2020, 84 min. OmeU, international premiere
> Koshien: Japan's Field Of Dreams by Ema Ryan Yamazaki, J/US 2019, 94 min., German premiere
> Me And The Cult Leader (Aganai – Chikatetsu sarinjiken to watashi) by Atsushi Sakahara, J 2020, 114 min., German premiere
> Sayonara TV (Sayonara terebi) by Koji Hijikata, J 2019, 109 min., international premiere
> SUMODO ~The Successors Of Samurai~ (Sumodo ~Samurai o tsugu mono tachi~) by Eiji Sakata, J 2020, 104 min., European premiere
> Ushiku by Thomas Ash, Japan 2021, 84 min., world premiere
> The Witches Of The Orient by Julien Faraut, Frankreich 2021, 100 min., German premiere
> A Break In The Clouds by Anna Takagi, J 2021, 7 min., no dialog, German premiere
> Boy With Child by Yoshiro Kawakami, J 2020, 10 min., German premiere
> Castle by Ryotaro Miyajima, J 2019, 5 min., no dialog
> Difference And Repetition And Coffee by Masa Kudo, J 2020, 5 min., no dialog, German premiere 
> Empty Hands by Emari Okayama, J 2020, 7 min., German premiere
> I Am A Motif by Sijia Luo, J 2020, 8 min., German premiere
> Leaking Life by Shunsaku Hayashi, J 2019, 15 min., no dialog
> Locomotor by Isaku Kaneko, J 2019, 3 min., no dialog
> Lupin III: The First (Lupin sansei THE FIRST) by Takashi Yamazaki, J 2019, 93 min., Original version with German subtitles, German premiere
> Mubi by Tomoe Obayashi, J 2019, 6 min.
> ON-GAKU: Our Sound (Ongaku) by Kenji Iwaisawa, J 2019, 71 min.
> Our House / Notre maison by Caori Murata, J 2020, 3 min., German premiere
> Our Little Pond by Namiko Ishidate, J 2021, 15 min., German premiere
> parallax by Hayato Nove, J 2021, 33 min., no dialog, world premiere
> Seven Days War (Bokura no nanokakan senso) by Yuta Murano, J 2019, 88 min., original version with German subtitles, German premiere
> Small Life by Yueqi Wu, J 2021, 5 min., German premiere
> Strawberry Candy by Nianze Li,  J 2020, 7 min., German premiere
> Sumikkogurashi: Good To Be In The Corner (Eiga sumikko gurashi tobidasu ehon to himitsu no ko) by Mankyu, J 2019, 60 min., original version with English subtitles / original version with German voice-over
> The Balloon Catcher by Isaku Kaneko, J 2020, 6 min., no dialog, German premiere
> The Big Tree In Front Of The House by Yinan Liu, J 2020, 6 min., German premiere
> The Living Wall by Keita Kurosaka, J 2020, 6 min., no dialog
> Wandala! by Akimi Miyamoto, J 2021, 6 min., German premiere
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