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This message is from marc <marc at italtrade.com>, a Designer from CT.

last night i found a moth resting on a seat back on a metro north train in grand central station, nyc.  the train was empty and had just come in from connecticut, said the conductor. i did not want this thig to get swat so i slipped him in my brief case. i let him go on a tree in a nature preserve in ct at about 9pm.    so this is what (she) looked like:  
	wing span about 3 or 4 inches

	color was different shades of green in an almost geometric patern - no spots....darker than the greens in a luna

	it had a fat hairy body and large eyes

	each wing was sort of delta shaped and did not look like it had two parts like alot of other moths

	when i first disturbed it, it moved its wings from a flat out position, to a straight out and shaking position

	it did not have large antena things (female i think?)
If anyone knows about this guy, could you let me know its name? I looked in all of the photo directories of the moths local to me; I have not found a match yet. I have hatched and released a few moths in the past so I would like to know more about this one that I have not seen before.

		thank for your time 

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