iris borer specimens possibly avail

lday at lday at
Sat Aug 9 12:34:11 EDT 1997

I have recovered 40 larvae of I assume is the iris borer moth 
_Macronoctua onusta_ from what was once a beautiful patch of
Siberian iris.  :-(  They are now living in carrots and 
apparently eating them.  (Why couldn't they have eaten carrots
in the first place instead of my iris????)

I'm going to raise up a couple for myself out of curiosity.  Does
anyone else have any use for these as specimens?  I am told
the adult is not often seen in collections.  If you think you
might be interested in (dead, very very dead) specimens, kindly
let me know.  Otherwise most of the larvae will be taking a
one-way trip to the birdfeeder.

Thank you,

Liz Day
LDAY at 
Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA, 40 N latitude, zone 5.

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