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Santa Barbara Software Products produces a database program called
LepiList that lets you record the location, date, and circumstances of all
your sightings or collections of butterflies and moths.  Then it puts the
information at your fingertips by letting you produce any number of
taxonomically sequenced annual and life lists for the whole world, the
major world faunal zones, North America, every nation, every state or
province or county of each nation, any area specified by latitude and
longitude, etc. These lists can show the details of every sighting/
collection of each species, or the details of only the first sighting/
collection of each species, or just the names of the species seen/
collected.  You can also list the sightings/collections in all locations
of any species, list in chronological sequence all butterfly trips taken
or the first sightings/collections of all species seen, tabulate
surveys like 4th of July counts, etc.

LepiList knows the common and scientific names, and the taxonomical
sequence, of each of the more than 700 species and subspecies on the check
list published by the North American Butterfly Association.  You can
incorporate any future changes in the names or taxonomy of this checklist.
When you do, all sightings/collections previously recorded are
brought into agreement with the new checklist (except for a species or
subspecies split, where some input from you is required).  And you can add

to LepiList, in taxonomical sequence, the names of moths you have seen/
collected in North America or of butterflies and moths you have
elsewhere.  The program is able to accomodate more than 10000 species
and subspecies!

LepiList is a DOS, not Windows, program.  But it runs well on a computer
using Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.  It sells for US$69.95 plus US$4.00
airmail shipping to the U.S. and Canada or US$8.00 airmail shipping to

For more information contact:

Santa Barbara Software Products
1400 Dover Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93103 USA
Phone/Fax: 805 963 4886
E-Mail: sbsp at aol.com

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