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Bart Vanholder bvholder at innet.be
Wed Aug 13 04:51:27 EDT 1997

Dear Leps-list,

There is some limited presence of Migrant Lepidoptera in Europe. Normal
numbers of Vanessa atalanta (red admiral) are reported. There are only small
numbers of Painted lady (Vanessa cardui) and Autographa gamma. On the other
hand there is a large bunch of Plutella xylostella (Diamond back) at the
moment. It is present, sometimes by hunderds, every night in the light
traps. Earlier this week there have been some reports of Colias croceus
(including f. helice). Very few Macrogossum stellatarum. Any records of
migrant lepidoptera are welcome at bvholder at innet.be
I'm planning an updating later this month in our homepage and would like to
add some 'hot items' in the news-section on migrant leps 1997. All European
data are highly appreciated.  Especially of interest are sightings of Colias
have a look at http://www.club.innet.be/~pub00644/news.htm

Some Nymphalis antiopa (Camberwell beauty) have been reported 2 weeks ago in
N. Belgium (between Gent and Brugge). It seems likely that they are
F2-generation of migrants that have reached us in 1995. The species was not
resident in this area for tens of years.
Bart Vanholder
Belgian Migrant Lepidoptera Survey
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B-9450 Haaltert
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