need help, regal artificial diet

Liz Day lday at
Mon Aug 18 16:11:51 EDT 1997

Help, please....

I gave regal moth (Citheronia regalis) eggs to the local zoo last
year; they raised them and now have mating regal moths.  Unfortunately
it is very late in the year here and we fear the local sweetgum and
other trees will lose their leaves before the caterpillars from this
mating grow big enough to pupate.

The zoo guys and I both wonder how regals do on artificial diet, whether
freezing some leaves now to feed them later would work, or what other
solutions exist.  Obviously we're going to try these things regardless,
but any help you can give from your experience would really be
appreciated.  Right now they are raising moths for fun, but if they
get it down to a system they will make them part of an exhibit (which
would be really great!).


Liz Day
Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA, 40 N latitude, zone 5.

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