Info on Madagascan Butterflies wanted

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Tue Aug 19 03:29:21 EDT 1997

Neil Jones wrote :
<<I am interested in obtaining information on Madagascan Butterflies.
<<I am looking for textbooks which can give me information.
<<A friend has suggestedthat there might be something in French
<<by someone valle Pauliet or a similar name perhaps as part of a series
<<on the fauna of Mdagascar.
<<I would be grateful for any information.

there is a set of booklets published under the title:
   " Faune de Madagascar "
by the  "Institut de recherche scientifique   Tananaroive"
the 15 booklets published are the following :
 -T1 Odonates Anispteres  Frasier 1956
 -T2 Lepidopteres Danaidae , Nymphalidae , Acraeidae  Paulian 1956
 -T3 Lepidopteres  Hesperides Viette 1956
 -T4 Coleopteres Cerambycidae Lamiinae  Breuning 1957
 -T5 Mantodea Paulian 1957
 -T6 Coleopteres Anthicidae  Banadona 1958
 -T7 Hemipteres Enicocephalidae Villiers 1958
 -T8 Lepidopteres  Sphingidae Griveaud 1959 
 -T9 Arachnides Opilions Lawrence 1959
 -T10 Poissons des eaux douces Arnoult 1959
 -T11 Coleopteres Scarabaeidae..  Paulian 1960
 -T12 Myriapodes  Lawrence 1960
 -T13 la Zoogeographie de Madagascar Paulian 1961
 -T14 Lepidoteres Attacidae, Eupterotidae Griveaud 1961
 -T15 Aphanipteres  Lumaret 1961

should you need futher informations , I could send you titles of articles published
mainly on Sphingids.
Pierre Schmit


pierre.schmit at

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