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Sat Aug 16 04:27:19 EDT 1997

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> Does anyone know where I can find some good images
> of butterflys?

I have been building a site with some images (not only
butterflies). As to quality, it varies. My goal is not to have a
collection of "pretty pictures", but kind of "photo records" of
species (date and location required). Thus I will take almost any
picture, if I don't have anything of the species before. (Just for an
example, anyone got a shot of Vanessa virginiensis, annabella and
tameamea with date and location, and willing to let me put it onto
page? :-)

REMEMBER: These photos are NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN! All photographs
presented there are owned by the photographers. For reuse in other
projects, you have to contact the photographer for permission.

To access all lists, peek at

Butterflies are in "lepidoptera-English-Photolist (~424Kb)", but as
you can see, the list is huge, because it includes more moth pictures
than butterflies. And be prepared to wait it to download (I really
need to start splitting it into smaller pieces).

Markku Savela (msa at, Technical Research Centre of Finland
Multimedia Systems, P.O.Box 1203,FIN-02044 VTT,

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