Migrant Danaus chrysippus in Belgium ?

Bart Vanholder bvholder at innet.be
Fri Aug 22 18:52:00 EDT 1997

Dear Leps-list.

On 19 august one Danaus chrysippus was reported in S- Belgium , feeding at
The specimen was captured as voucher. It seems highly unusual to see the
Plain Tiger in Belgium. As far as I'm aware it is the first time for this
country. The nearest butterfly-garden is at 70 km, there is one Southern in
Reims (France) as well at a distance of 200km. From these one could have
been escaped...and migrated to my friends garden-Buddleia. It seems
unbelievable that the species had been migrating...allthough the winds were
suitable. It was allready reported in previous years in France (Marseille,
Corse,..). Any  other sighting or additional information (also about
possible escapees) much appreciated at bvholder at innet.be

Bart Vanholder
Belgian Migrant Lepidoptera Survey
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