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This may interest most:

-Scripps Howard News Service

	FRESNO, Calif. - Italian tourist and butterfly fancier Adriano
Teobaldelli's trek through America ended suddenly in federal court Monday
(week before last, I think) when he discovered that butterflies are not
free - especially those taken from national parks.
	Teobaldelli pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of illegally
transporting wildlife taken in violation of U.S. law after rangers in
Sequoia National Park found him with a butterfly net and 51 dead
butterflies in his possession Saturday.
	Later they confiscated nearly 200 more that Teobaldelli admitted
he captured in other parks across the United States.
	The butterflies were in cellophane bags and labeled, rangers said.
	Teobaldelli, 60, a hospital administrator in Macerata, Italy, was
fined $500 by U.S. Magistrate Judge Sandra Snyder after the U.S. 
Attorney's office and Teobaldelli's lawyers, Roger Vehrs and Sal Sciandra,
had worked out a plea agreement.

I am interested, and somewhat perplexed, in/with the fact that they nailed
him for TRANSPORTING, and not necessarily collecting in the parks (and I
know  that the Lacey Act deals with transporting). Did they have to wait
until he crossed the park boundary?  If not, was there a case regarding 
transportation before he admitted to having butterflies from other parks?
Comments? Thoughts about the amount of the fine?

Please don't mistake my above questions for condoning any of the
activities this man apparently is guilty of.  I do not myself, nor support
the act of, collecting within National Parks or other areas protected by
law.  So hold the flames, they would be misdirected.

Jim Kruse

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