permits and private land

Mark Walker mwalker at
Wed Aug 27 14:46:56 EDT 1997

Liz wrote:

> >I don't see why we need to be secretive.  I'm only too happy to discuss
> >with neophytes what I am doing, observing, etc.  
> I think the problem is that if they see YOU collecting, they will want to
> know why THEY can't do it too.

Sorry, but the problem is that otherwise sensible people take exception to the
killing of butterflies in particular.  They just have a certain stigma.

Reports like this last one only reinforce them by creating what they think is
an environmental crisis.

Will Curtis reported today that the worlds frog population is on a steep
decline.  I don't think the same can be said about Leps in general.  The day
it's so, I will sadly lay down my net - knowing that I in no way (other than by
supporting developments through my spending behavior) contributed to it.

Mark Walker.

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